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You thought it was all about keeping the wedding dress pristine? Think again! There are a few common pitfalls that can ruin the groom’s outfit too and they are totally avoidable!

Number 1 – Morning suits and kilt jackets can be silk-like, shiny and mono-coloured. That means make-up smudges show up on them very easily. Guess who gets kissed (on the cheek!) and cuddled more than anyone just before the ceremony. That’s right, the groom is out there meeting all the guests and the females can’t help but get their make-up on his clothes. I’ve seen extreme cases where the jacket looks blotchy and patchy during the ceremony which is a shame and it’s more than a little Photoshop work to get it back into shape afterwards too. The trick is for grooms to welcome all guests, accept all kisses and cuddles, but protect that suit!

Number 2 – It’s always nice when a groom uses a bought item of clothing for their wedding, possibly a favourite old smart jacket. But please do take a look at it first and check it for signs of wear and tear and particularly baubles! I’ve seen jackets covered in them. Again, it’s not much fun editing baubles out of scores of shots, plus the couple shoot can end up looking like a beat up old Renault Clio next to a gleaming Ferrari – guess who is the Ferrari!

The Botanic Gardens - In Depth

PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography 1 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography2 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography3 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography4 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography5 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography6 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography7 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography8 The Royal Botanic Gardens
20A Inverleith Row, Edinburgh
0131 552 1974

The second in my series looking more in depth at venues features Edinburgh’s treasure trove the Botanical Gardens (or the Botanics for short).

Much loved by all for being an oasis of calm in the bustling city and providing a different experience of sights, sounds and colours on every visit, the Botanics has it all for weddings.

You may be familiar with the gardens themselves but did you know that there are three indoor and one outdoor space that you can get married in? The John Hope Gateway can seat up to 200 for dinner, with an additional 50 for the evening reception. Or who could resist a wedding under the towering redwood trees in the John Muir Grove. You can even watch the end of festival fireworks there.

Here’s the lowdown on the spaces you can use:

David Douglas Room – small intimate space for weddings – up to 40 for ceremony, dinner and evening.
Caledonian Hall – up to 100 for a seated dinner and up to 120 for and evening reception.
John Hope Gateway – up to 200 for a seated dinner and up to 250 for an evening reception.
John Muir Grove – 40 seats as many standing as you like.

As always the price of a wedding varies tremendously depending on how many people are attending and what you are providing for them. Erin Burden from the Botanics has kindly provided a rough guide:

“As our prices are bespoke it is hard to give costs we prefer people to contact directly for quotes however our prices in the summer are usually between £100 and £150 per person depending on their requirements. And ceremony only venue hire is £1225 ex vat.”

“We also have a fantastic winter wedding offer which for October 2016 – March 2017 is £6995 inc vat for 60 day guests and a further 40 in the evening!”

Erin has also shortlisted three (from many, trust me) of the top reasons to consider a wedding at the Botanics:
1 – The ease of the planning journey for brides and grooms – from a customised proposal upon enquiring, one-on-one planning sessions with a dedicated co-ordinator, tastings included at all times of the year, and someone on hand to answer questions 6 days a week. We also have drop in Q&A sessions every few months on a Sunday and a devoted operations manager on the day of your wedding. Along with being a one stop shop to enquire and book and put them in touch with suppliers that have been hand selected by ourselves.

2 – The expanse of outdoor space – benefiting from 72 acres of land there is an abundance of beautiful places for photos and for the couple to enjoy some alone time together. During drinks reception guests can wander around the gardens as long as they are back in time for dinner! They can enjoy everything from our ever green woodland area, our Chinese hillside or a stunning backdrop of the whole Edinburgh skyline from our manicured Inverleith lawn.

3 – Our Food – Our award winning chefs create and develop new menus all the time. Our a la carte selector dishes have had some of the highest praise of venues in Edinburgh and we offer everything from classic wedding dishes of haggis or chicken to more elaborate Asian duck or Ayrshire pork belly. We also offer an outdoor dining menu that has a BBQ option as standard that can be enhanced with pulled pork or paella stations to wow your guests. Or something really different our pan Asian street food menu. Our chefs are flexible and can cater for all tastes and requirements.

Final note from Phil
The Botanics is one of those Edinburgh places that everyone in the city has good memories from. I’ve spent countless hours there with family and friends over the years and love taking my kids there now too. It feels like the countryside, and more than that, it feels peaceful. I’ve photographed weddings there indoors and out, and it hardly seems like work at all as the gardens themselves present so many photo opportunities. The colours are always changing too, so an Autumnal or winter wedding there will still look amazing. What’s not to love.

PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography9 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography10 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography11 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography12 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography13 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography 14 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography 15 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography 16 PSD Photography Botanics Wedding Photography 17


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