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There are hundreds of choices for Edinburgh and Central Scotland wedding venues when you start out, so it’s helpful to sort out a few of your priorities first to begin to narrow that search down. Deal with what you know first.

What is your likely number of daytime and evening guests?
All venues have capacities for the wedding, the reception and the evening. They are hard and fast (health and safety, and all that!) and will determine if the venue is suitable for you pretty quickly. If you are planning a huge wedding 250+, then your choices narrow down pretty quickly.

Where are your guests coming from and where will they be staying?
If the venue is also a hotel, then happy days! If there are hotels nearby, then you’re on easy street. If the venue is further afield, you will need to think about running a bus or hiring taxis to get guests back to somewhere central later on.
Many people choose a central, easy to get to and from venue to make life easy for their guests, which is very kind of them, and in no way a compromise in Edinburgh as there are so many fine venues to choose from.

What’s your dream wedding?
If it has to be a barn or has to be a castle, then that does help begin to narrow down the search! Maybe you’re hankering after a cathedral wedding, that’s okay too, Edinburgh has three to choose from!

What’s your budget?
It’s never easy at the very start of a search to have a definitive budget, I know that. I’d recommend going to a wedding fair or speaking to a few venues just to get an idea how they price up their wedding packages and then take it from there. You may be able to use that information to come up with a figure, e.g. £70 per person for a decent amount of food and drink. Multiply that number by your number of guests and add any room hire charges and you know what it’s going to cost you. If you can afford it, get booking. If not, then move on, there’s plenty more venues to choose from.

Another great idea is to ask me! Us photographers have a vast array of experience working at so many venues around the city and having an awareness of many others. We are a repository of all sorts of (hopefully) useful information, so if you’re looking for a candle-lit castle or stunning seaside wedding then ask me for advice, it’s free after all.


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