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You thought it was all about keeping the wedding dress pristine? Think again! There are a few common pitfalls that can ruin the groom’s outfit too and they are totally avoidable!

Number 1 – Morning suits and kilt jackets can be silk-like, shiny and mono-coloured. That means make-up smudges show up on them very easily. Guess who gets kissed (on the cheek!) and cuddled more than anyone just before the ceremony. That’s right, the groom is out there meeting all the guests and the females can’t help but get their make-up on his clothes. I’ve seen extreme cases where the jacket looks blotchy and patchy during the ceremony which is a shame and it’s more than a little Photoshop work to get it back into shape afterwards too. The trick is for grooms to welcome all guests, accept all kisses and cuddles, but protect that suit!

Number 2 – It’s always nice when a groom uses a bought item of clothing for their wedding, possibly a favourite old smart jacket. But please do take a look at it first and check it for signs of wear and tear and particularly baubles! I’ve seen jackets covered in them. Again, it’s not much fun editing baubles out of scores of shots, plus the couple shoot can end up looking like a beat up old Renault Clio next to a gleaming Ferrari – guess who is the Ferrari!


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