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A stunning mansion near Edinburgh has unveiled a new space for events, such as weddings and celebrations. Gilmerton House, a beautiful country house in North Berwick, has renovated a space called The Laundry House specifically for private functions. This rustic venue, originally built in 1804 and recently restored, can accommodate up to 100 seated guests and features a spacious main room with a charming outdoor terrace. Whether booked alongside the main house or independently, The Laundry House provides an ideal option for those seeking a versatile venue.

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Announcing a new addition to their available spaces, Gilmerton House now offers The Laundry House – a magnificent venue for a variety of events and celebrations. With a rustic interior dating back to 1804, The Laundry House has been lovingly restored to its former glory and can host up to 100 guests. The main room features dark beamed roof, wood, and flagstone tiled flooring, while outside, a picturesque terrace awaits.

The Laundry House complements the existing rooms at Gilmerton House, giving guests even more options to suit their specific needs. Previously, a marquee may have been necessary, but now The Laundry House provides a convenient alternative. With its rich history dating back to the 17th century, Gilmerton House has undergone extensive renovations and features a biomass boiler. Throughout the year, visitors are welcome to enjoy private stays, exclusive events, golfing retreats, and celebrations at this remarkable venue.

Gilmerton House’s General Manager, Graham Booth, expressed excitement about the addition of The Laundry House. He stated, “We are thrilled to introduce The Laundry House as the newest offering at Gilmerton House. With its exceptional history, distinctive character, and breathtaking location, we believe that The Laundry House will attract a wider range of discerning guests who appreciate the unique beauty and tranquillity that Gilmerton House and its estate provide. It is sure to be a popular choice for those seeking to create unforgettable events. Previously serving as the estate’s laundry, a garage, and even a gym, The Laundry House has been transformed into a stunning blank canvas perfect for hosting private parties, product launches, yoga retreats, and wedding ceremonies. Its versatility is a valuable asset and can be enjoyed separately or in conjunction with the main house.”

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A couple on their wedding day had an unexpected surprise when their photoshoot was interrupted by the enchanting Northern Lights. The bride, Rebecca MacDonald, and the groom, Chris Oram, were hurried outside to have their pictures taken against the backdrop of the aurora borealis. Their wedding photographer, Michael Carver, had longed to capture such a moment for the past decade. However, it wasn’t until Monday night that everything fell into place. Rebecca and Chris, ecstatic with the result, described it as truly mesmerizing.

The wedding took place at Bogbain Farm, located just outside Inverness. As Michael was about to leave, he received a text from his partner informing him that the Northern Lights were visible. Although he could only faintly see the aurora in the sky, it was clearer on his mobile phone screen. Spotting a wedding guest outside, he implored them to quickly find the couple so he could set up his photography equipment. Although the groom was found promptly, the bride was initially nowhere to be found and had to be pulled away from the dance floor.

Rebecca shared on BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland that after dinner, one of her friends mentioned a red alert for the Northern Lights. The couple were initially confused by the commotion and wondered why guests were screaming their names. Once outside with Chris, they could see the faint glow of the aurora. Michael, who had experience in photographing landscapes and the Northern Lights, had the couple posed on a rock. He captured the magical green hue in his first photo, and then they changed positions to capture the striking pink. All in all, it was an absolutely breathtaking experience for Rebecca and Chris.

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